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0.2. Calling an Organizing Meeting for May 5, 2002

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In Davis in 2001, neighborhood associations were "sponsored" by an official program run by City staff person Anne Brunette. I, John Lofland, met with her in early April and we agreed on a schedule of a May 5 initial, organizing meeting at which she would preside and out of which would come an Organizing Committee that would prepare for the formation of a neighborhood association at a meeting on June 23rd. Items in this folder report the organizing effort to get Old North people to come to the May 5 meeting.

0.2.1. Encouraging People to Attend the May 5 meeting
There had never before been a gathering of Old North residents assembled as such under that name for the purpose of forming a group. Encouragement therefore seemed prudent and it in part took the form of leaving a leaflet at each Old North door on or close to April 20-21 and again on May 2-3. Items in this file report on how that effort was organized.
02.2. Flyer distributed mid-April and Mid-May
This file is a copy of the first flyer distributed. The second was the same but with the date changed.

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