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Year 3: '04-05 - Winterhalder Pres, lst Year

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Leadership-exercising documents by, and actions of, Bruce Winterhalder as ONDNA president.

City Attorney Invents N District Concept
Bruce's report of the spring, 2004 meeting with City officials in which the N District scheme was conceived by Harriet Steiner and agreed to by all the "stakeholders" present.
Survey Form Dated Sept. 1. 2004
Labor Day weekend, City of Davis Public Works blindsided ONDNA leaders with an unannounced survey mailing.
Emergency Mobilization to Overcome the Blindside Survey
Undaunted, Bruce with others organizes a street-by-street door-to-door recruitment of "yes" votes on the survey.
Successful Recruitment of Votes
In this September 18th email to the nine workers in this effort, Bruce assesses that the effort has been a success, which it proved to be.

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