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1.2. 1999 OND Book

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PDF files of John Lofland's 1999 book, Old North Davis: Guide to Walking a Traditional Neighborhood. The scans provided here are of the original "camera-ready" copy prepared for the printer rather than of the printed and published book itself. As copy prepared for a printer, there is one page per sheet. In addition, for whatever reason the "bit map" graphics used did not reproduce in detail in this PDF.

Old North Davis Table of Contents
Pages 1-11
Front Matter, Table of Contents, Overview
Pages 12-76, Part I. Guides to History
Ch. 1, Old North Features; Ch. 2, Davis History; Ch. 3, Old North HIstory
Pages 78-160, Part II, Guides to Streets and Homes
Ch. 4, G Street; Ch. 5, F Street; Ch. 6, E Street; Ch. 7, D Street; Ch. 8, C Street; Ch. 9, B Street
Pages 161-192
Epilogue: What Future for the Old North?; Acknowledgements, Sources, Limits; Sources; Index, About the Author; Publications of the Yolo Couny Historical Society

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