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Year 11: '12-13 - Tracy Pres, 3rd Year

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In this year, the ONDNA President stepped up his campaign to revise the ON parking district. Oddly, the first serious written version of the plan had to come from a Davis city planner rather from the ONDNA because only the President seemed authorized to describe it when launched early in 2013 and he refused to write it down for publication. Responding to my request, the first written and public version, by Brian Abbanat, was published on April 28, 2013, below.

June 3, 2012 Annual Meeting
Placeholder for the Minutes of the 2012 Annual Meeting.
Photo of June 3, 2012 Annual Meeting Participants
If the photo is accurate, there are 13 people attending this Annual Meeting (including the photo taker and assuming all the people are residents--which they may not be). This is less than the 15 members required for an Annual Meeting quorum.
August 16, 2012 Meeting
April 28. 2013. ONDNA Pres Refuses to Publish Proposed Parking Plan, City Planner Does It Instead
The ONDNA Pres was invited to publish the ONDNA plan on Old North Chat--or anywhere else for that matter. He declined. When I learned that the City was considering the plan, I asked the city planner assigned to the matter if he could provide a written description. It appears in the graphic. So far as I know, this is the first official written form of the plan.
May 6, 2013 doorstep flyer, side 1
May 6th doorstep flyer, side 2
Word Press Website
Website History & Status (first published c. March '14, revised c. April '17)
ONDNA website history is complicated and checkered. At the start and at my suggestion, an ONDNA member obtained a free website from Davis Community Network. He soon said it was not adequate and bought a website and domain name from GoDaddy. I asked the Board if I could set up an Old North Davis History website using the now abandoned DCN site and was voted permission to do so. It is the site at which you are now looking. The member set up the GoDaddy site as a "com," which seemed inappropriate and he then set up a new site ending in "org." He moved out of Old North, leaving the site without an administrator. I took it over on a short-term basis and built it up. But for whatever reason, this member, without discussion or notice, simply "took down" the site. There was no site for awhile. ONDNA acquired a third site as "net" and it was run by two other people in sequence before being abandoned and there was again no website for a considerable period. The fifth and most recent iteration involved buying a Wordpress site at the urging of two people who had recently arrived in the neighborhood and moved out not long after setting it up. This site is still on the web and has not been updated for some than two years
List of ONDNA-related Posts Published on
The list encompasses posts published over four years. In the year focused on this folder (year 11--2012-13), there were 21 posts. For the most part, these posts reproduce ONDNA documents concerning meeting agendas and minutes.

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