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The Failure to Make the Old North a Historic District
This folder contains two documents on making the Old North a historic district. First, in 2003, the City contracted with the firm of Roland-Nawi Associates to draft a proposal to make the Old North a State of California historic district. Carol Roland of that firm completed that draft in July of 2003. The draft is in the five parts reproduced in this folder. These are accompanied by one sheet of historical and technical detail on each of perhaps a hundred Old North houses. Over time, all these will be reproduced in the 12 face-block folders. The ones for the F Street 500s are there now. Second and following the Roland draft below, at the request of the Old North Davis Neighborhood Association Board, Valerie Vann prepared a technical report on the formation of an Old North Historic District and presented it to that Board in October of 2006.
Picture Map of Old North Davis
This is four 11 by 17 inch sheets of paper showing virtually every house on all 12 Old North faceblocks. Fitted together and stapled, the four form a walking guide booklet to each faceblock.
Old North Davis Historic Sidewalks, by Valerie Vann
An enumeration of features of the sidewalks laid in early 1913 as features of Bowers Addition
OND Heritage Street Signs
Pictures and documents on the heritage street signs atop posts along the boundaries of the Old North.
City-Designated "Merit" Historical Resources in Old North Davis
Pictures of six officially designated historical resources in the Old North, assembled by Valerie Vann
Table Showing Zoning in the Old North Area, 1925-2005
The area now called the "old north" has been rezoned at least 17 times since 1925.
Pre-WWII Views of Old North Davis
Fifteen pre-1945 photographs of various Old North locales. Paper Number 2 in the Papers on Davis History Series of the Davis Historical Society.
House Show Houses in the Old North
In the mid '00s, three of Davis' many "house show" houses were located in the Old North. This folder contains screen shots of Davis Wiki pages explaining what a "house show" is and the "house show houses" at 503 E, 703 6th, and 525 G. The first is named "Dam Haus," the second is apparently not yet named, and the third is called "Charred Dog House."
R-2 Conservation District with Staff Report
The December 9, 2003 staff report on the R-2 Conservation District with the text adopted.
Revolt against PG&E Street Tree Pruning, December, 2000 - January 2001
In the view of many, PG&E has, historically, pruned Old North street trees near power lines inappropriately and excessively. In December, 2000, the company started to cut down almost a dozen trees on Seventh Street in the Old North and nearby. This sparked the Old North citizen revolt reported in folder 2.15, "Seventh Street," on this site.
Statistics on Voter Registration, Voting, Election Outcomes
A folder collecting statistics on the above topics
Old North Davis Upkeep
This PDF is a compilation of a six-post Old North Chat website series on the level of public “upkeep” in Old North (posts 230-235, January 19-29, 2014). In sequence, the six posts address defining and measuring public upkeep, the ON level as compared to three other nearby areas (College Park, Elmwood and Reed Drive), variation by ON face block, and owner-renter differences in level of upkeep.
Graphic of Old North Traffic Calming Measures
As part of preparing for the reconfiguration of 5th Street, the consultant company Alta Traffic and Design studied traffic calming measures for the Old East, Old North, and University/Rice areas. One part of their report is a graphic for each area showing types and placement of such measures. The one for the Old North is uploaded here. it is PDF at about 4 MB and tabloid scale.

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