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1.6a. ONDNA

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--> Over the '70s, '80s and '90s, residents organized several campaigns to improve conditions in the neighborhood. These included efforts to get better street lighting, to save the Safeway grocery store on G Street, and to prevent paving of Bowers Addition alleys. At the end of the '90s, the City of Davis began a program to create "official," City-subsidized neighborhood groups. The "Old North Davis Neighborhood Association" (ONDNA) was one product of this program. Sorry to say, materials in this folder focus only on this most recent group. (I would be happy to post materials on other neighbor groups that ON residents may have and wish to share.) --> As a quasi-official agency of City government, the ONDNA is expected to maintain high standards of open, democratic and transparent functioning in order retain status as a legitimate representative of the area (as an entity with valid credentials to "speak for" the area).

Formation Year-- '01-02: Founding Events
Events leading up ONDNA formation include: l. setting the stage for a neighborhood organization, mid-2000 and earlier (files 1.a. and 1.b.) ; 2. calling an organizing meeting for May 5, 2002; 3. a successful May 5th meeting that resulted in an organizing committee; and, 4. the June 23rd formation meeting that established the ONDNA. The files in the folders contain reproductions of flyers, agendas, and, three photographs take at the June 23rd, 2002 founding meeting.
ONDNA Bylaws
Four page Bylaws adopted June 23, 2002
Year 1: '02-03 - Cross Pres
Year 2: '03-04 - Willson Pres
Year 3: '04-05 - Winterhalder Pres, lst Year
Leadership-exercising documents by, and actions of, Bruce Winterhalder as ONDNA president.
Year 4: '05-06 - Winterhalder Pres, 2nd Year
Year 5: '06-07 - Gerety Pres, 1st Year
Year 6: '07-08 - Gerety Pres, 2nd Year
Year 7: '08-09 - Dingemans Pres, 1st Year
Year 8: '09-10 - Dingemans Pres, 2nd Year
Year 9: '10-11 - Tracy Pres, lst Year
Year 10: '11-12 - Tracy Pres, 2nd Year
Year 11: '12-13 - Tracy Pres, 3rd Year
In this year, the ONDNA President stepped up his campaign to revise the ON parking district. Oddly, the first serious written version of the plan had to come from a Davis city planner rather from the ONDNA because only the President seemed authorized to describe it when launched early in 2013 and he refused to write it down for publication. Responding to my request, the first written and public version, by Brian Abbanat, was published on April 28, 2013, below.
Year 12: '13-14 - Disarray, Year One
In this folder I report how the ONDNA went into "suspension" because it did not elect officers at a properly organized Annual Meeting in June, 2013. Even so, a handful of people continued to act as the "ONDNA" in a state that might be described as "simulation." Other ONDNA bylaws were also not followed very well, especially as regards holding and canceling meetings, giving notice of meetings, and making proper and timely public records of actions. As well, a number of long-standing organizational practices regarding transparency and resident engagement continued in abandonment or were newly abandoned.
Year 13: '14-'15 - Disarray, Year Two
Year 14: '15-'16 - Disarray, Year Three
Year 15: '16-'17 - Underwood Pres, lst Year
Folder contains a page titled "Miscellaneous."
Year 16: '17-'18 - Underwood Pres, 2nd Year
Year 17: '18-'19 - Underwood Pres, 3rd Year
ONDNA events are documented on the new website, where there are a complete set of minutes dating from January, 2017 as well as posting of other key documents.
Year 18: '19-'20 - xxxx Pres, x Year
xxxx xxxxx
Year 19: '20-'21 - Meyer Pres, x Year
xxxxxx xxxxxx
Year 20: '21 - '22 - xxxxxx Pre, x Year
Still the future. Line created October 10, 2020

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