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1.1. How OND Began

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This folder contains a collection of digital copies of key documents that show how what is now called "the Old North" was formed.

Introduction to Materials on the Old North's Founding
Overview of existing materials and of the new materials added here.
January 18, 1913 Davis Enterprise Report
Editor Scott's "Great Forward Step" initial story on the Addition
January 25, 1913 Davis Enterprise Report
Editor Scott extolls "Awakened Civic Spirit"
February 1, 1913 Davis Enterprise Report
This is a pivotal Enterprise article in the sense of reporting at the mid-point of the two weeks over which the area between what is now Fifth and Seventh Street were cleared and the unified residential space we now call "Old North Davis" was created.
February 15, 1913 Davis Enterprise Report
"Bowers Sub-Division is Now Center of Interest"
February 15, 1913: Yolo County Board of Supervisors Creates "Bowers Addition"
Digital photograph of the Minutes of the February 15, 1913 reporting action on Bowers Addition.
February 15, 1913: Map of Bowers Addition Filed With Yolo County
This map is a scanned copy of a black and white perhaps photocopy of the original map on file purchased over-the-counter from the Yolo Clerk/Recorder on May 5, 2010.
September 15, 1913: Yolo County Board of Supervisors Creates "Bowers Acres"
Digital photograph of the Minutes of the September 15, 1913 action on Bowers Acres.
September 19, 1913: Map of Bowers Acres Filed With Yolo County
This is an "unphotoshopped" scan of a copy of the original map sold over-the-counter at the office of the Yolo County Clerk/Recorder on May 5, 2010. The "tilt" of the map, shadows, and other odd features are in that map.
January 11 - October 25, 1913: Additional Enterprise Items on Bowers Addition & Acres
Old North Founding Errors Published April 30, 2010
In late April, 2010, City of Davis staff involved in planning and historical resource matters published erroneous statements about when and how the Old North started and developed. It has seemed prudent to make this public note of those errors and to correct them. This sub-folder contains four items: 1. The full document in which City Staff make the Old North founding errors; 2. The errors section of that report extracted for convenience of reference; 3. John Lofland's email to City Staff enumerating the errors; and, 4. the City Staff response.

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