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Year 6: '07-08 - Gerety Pres, 2nd Year

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The First '07-'08 Board Composition
Screen shot from the ONDA website taken July 5, 2007.
July-August '07 Documents
Minutes, announcements, etc.
Website December 15, 2007
Selected screenshots
Board, April, 2008
Board, April, 2008
"Neighbor's Night Out" October 20, 2007
ONDNA event responding to a City of Davis program to gather "neighbors" and "students" for the sake of "getting to know one another" and easing tensions between the two "communities." These photos by John Lofland were taken for the Davis Vanguard. They do not seem to show any students at this event. There are, though, many Old North homeowners and employees of the City of Davis.

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