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1.5. Resurgent OND

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An eleven page graphic history of Old North Davis: 1. The Old North begins: Bowers Addition, January, 1913; 2. Enthusiastic Development, Spring and Summer, 1913; 3. C. W. Bowers: The Old North Mover & Shaker; 4. 1910s-40s Build-Out; 5. Bungalows and Cottages: The Two Main House Styles; 6. Traditional Not Suburban Neighorhood Design; 7. 1950s-60s Hard Times; 8. 1970s-90s Turn Around; 9. 2000s Resurgence; 10. Some Notable Old North People; 11. The Old North Davis Neighborhood Association; Sources.

Resurgent Old North Davis
The "Old North" area of Davis, California (1) developed over the 1910s-40s, (2) was assaulted over the 1950s-80s, and (3) has been strikingly resurgent over the 1990s and 2000s. This resurgence is built on its 1910s-40s beginnings. The earliest Old North residents got neighborhood design right in important ways. Some more recent and activist residents have recognized and built on this fact.

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