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2. 7. E-500s

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This folder contains two types of materials on the E-500s. The first type--in folder 2.7.1.--is on the hard copy booklet titled "E-500s People: Ten Decades on a Face-block in Davis, California." The second type of material--in folder 2.7.2.--is a more comprehensive, free-flowing, and open-ended "digital book" on the area.

2.7.1. The Booklet Titled "E-500s People: Ten Decades on a Face-block in Davis, California"
Materials on the hard copy, 28 page booklet of the above title. These include a link to the on-line version of the booklet, information on the sources of materials in the booklet, and a brief outline of procedures used to identify past residents. [Folder under construction.]
2.7.2. Digital Book on the E-500s
This folder houses a work-in-progress, which is a compilation of materials on the history of the 500s block of E Street in Davis. It is organized as a book and begins with a cover/title page and table of contents, provides a two-part introduction, and has a "chapter" on each of the 16 properties making up the E Street 500s block. It ends with some observations by me -- John Lofland -- and a document on sources. Following the material making up the E-500s book, there is a "Supplementary Materials" folder containing a "faceblock-wide" folder and a folder on each of 16 properties.
Tampering With Biden Campaign Lawnsign in E-500s, October 10, 2020
The early morning of Saturday, October 10 at about 6:18am and 40 seconds a figure caught on video camera in the dark removed a Biden-Harris campaign sign from its place in a lawn in front of an E-500s home, turned it upside down in its place (a flag signal of distress), and moved on. Given that is was dark, one can see only the image, which, using stereotypes, appeared to be an older woman. There are two video clips showing this action. First, called "EstCampaignsign1," shows the action of removing and upsiding the sign. The second "EstCampainsign2," shows the person crossing the visual field seconds before tampering with the sign.

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