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Year 10: '11-12 - Tracy Pres, 2nd Year

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June 2, 2011. ONDNA Does Doorstep Announcement of AGM To Be Held Two Days Later, On Sunday, June 5th & Short-Shifts the Purpose of the AGM
The doorstep announcement reproduced here violated the bylaws provisions for proper notice and reduced the required business part of the AGM to a "brief meeting." An Old North Davis Chat blog post dated June 3rd calls attention to this.
June 4, 2011. A Member of the Board Writes an Email to the Now Very Short List of ONDA Active Members That A Proposed "Alternate" Board Member Violates the Bylaws
In addition to short-shifting the AGM per se, the June 2 meeting call contained a plan to appoint an eighth member of the Board in violation of the Bylaws. A Board member call attention to this in the email reproduced here. Not long after, the writer of this email stopped serving on the Board. Moreover, even this very short list of active ONDA members soon ceased to function.
June 5, 2011. Photo of People Attending the ONDNA Annual General Meeting Suggesting No Quorum
The bylaws require a quorum 15 members in order to conduct business an the Annual Meeting. One of the people in this photo is not an ON resident, leaving a total of 12 if the person taking the picture is a resident. A form election (one violating the bylaws) was conducted anyway
March 22, 2012, Views of the ONDNA March Monthly Meeting
Photo on the left by Cyndi Marshall. Photo on the right by Dennis Dingemans
List of ONDNA-related Posts Published on
The list encompasses posts published over four years. In the year focused on in this folder (year 10--2011-12), there were 21 posts. For the most part, these posts reproduce ONDNA documents concerning meeting agendas and minutes.

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