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Old North Davis History

History of the Old North neighborhood of Davis, California

I.  This is an archive-site of historical materials on the "Old North" area of Davis, California. The materials are organized into three categories:


The first deals with the area as a whole in the "1" series of folders listed to the left.

The second divides materials in terms of the 12 face-blocks and the three east-west streets making up the neighborhood. These streets are the "2" series of folders to the left.

The third category is entities external external to the Old North that have had ongoing impacts on it. At this time, there is one folder in the "3" series.  


II. Old North History on Exhibit

This an "archive-site," which means it stores more than exhibits Old North history. But not to worry, there is another site that displays wonderful Old North history in several forms. It is:
And here is its logo:  
                        Old North Chat logo         

At this site, focus on the string or "strip" of little squares in the right-hand sidebar. Each clicks into the specific form of Davis history indicated on each square. Happy viewing!         

III. Other Davis history websites:

1.   The wider context of Davis history: 


2.  Guidelines on researching Davis history, including Old North history:

3.  Recent developments in Davis history:


IV. This is an Old North Davis Neighborhood Site:

This and the website are Old North Davis Neighborhood (ONDNA) sites. Here is the logo of the ONDNA site:
                        ONDNA logo name 
Click here to go to it:

This site provided with the assistance of the Davis Community Network.