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532 C Street

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This folder contains a collection of public record materials on 532 C Street. The same categories of materials are also available in public records on every other Old North home.

Circa 1996 Photo of 532 C Street
Photograph by John Lofland, circa 1999 for the book Old North Davis and the "Picture Map Supplement" to that book, both published by the Yolo County Historical Society. The book is in folder 1.2 on this site. The map is on the web here (and also linked in the right-hand sidebar of Old North Davis Chat):
Circa 2003 Photo of 532 C
Taken for historical resource survey?
Realtor Photo 532 C
Circa 2015?
Historical Survey Sheet, 2003
This and the 2015 Update sheet are pages from historic resources surveys conducted for the City of Davis by contract historic preservation companies. The full volumes in which these two pages appear are on the web in the historic preservation section of the City of Davis Planning Department. Hard copies can be consulted at City Hall and are in local libraries.
Historical Survey Update, 2015
City Property Record Circa 1960 -- Sheet 1
Prior to about 1970, each jurisdiction in Yolo County appears to have done its own property tax assessments, or at least these four sheets and thousands of others like them suggest that to have been the case. I come onto boxes of these sheets under the basement staircase of the current City Hall and asked that they be given to UC Davis Special Collections, which they were (thanks to then City Manager John Meyer), and that is where the originals of these sheets can be inspected, (Note by John Lofland)
City Property Record Circa 1960 -- Sheet 2
City Property Record Circa 1960 -- Sheet 3
City Property Record Circa 1960 -- Sheet 4

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