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The Failure to Make the Old North a Historic District

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This folder contains two documents on making the Old North a historic district. First, in 2003, the City contracted with the firm of Roland-Nawi Associates to draft a proposal to make the Old North a State of California historic district. Carol Roland of that firm completed that draft in July of 2003. The draft is in the five parts reproduced in this folder. These are accompanied by one sheet of historical and technical detail on each of perhaps a hundred Old North houses. Over time, all these will be reproduced in the 12 face-block folders. The ones for the F Street 500s are there now. Second and following the Roland draft below, at the request of the Old North Davis Neighborhood Association Board, Valerie Vann prepared a technical report on the formation of an Old North Historic District and presented it to that Board in October of 2006.

01. Introduction
02. Boundaries of the District
03. The Detailed Case For Making the Old North a Historic District
04. Appendix on House Styles Found in the Old North
05. Copy of the Form Used to Describe Some 100 Old North Houses
Historic preservation is its own kind of special field with a technical vocabulary and forms to be filled out. This is a copy of the standard form for describing a house. Some 100 of these have been filled out on Old North homes.
Report on Historic District Designation for the ONDNA Board, 10-18-2006
Valerie Vann's analysis of the technical and political aspects of creating an Old North historic district.

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