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0.3. Successful May 5 Meeting Results in an Organizing Commitee

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About 40 peope turned out for the May 5th, Sunday afternoon meeting at the Hattie Weber Museum. The room was almost full. About a dozen people volunteered to serve on an Organizing Commitee to draft bylaws and organize the forming meeting already scheduled for June 23. This folder contains reproductions of five documents involving the Organizing Committe, including a meeting agenda and a survey of perceptions of Old North problems.

0.3.1. Brunette Calls May 21 Meeting of Organzing Commitee
0.3.2. Agenda of the May 21st meeting
The notes on the agenda sheet are by me, John Lofland, and show who was present and where people sat.
0.3.3. Note on the draft of By-laws presented at the May 21 meeting
The contents of bylaws were not obvious so I, John Lofland, got copies of already existing bylaws among Davis neighborhood assocations and constructed a bland composite.
0.3.4. Form to Survey Residents About Old North Problems
Anne Brunetee told the Organizing Commitee that it needed to perform a survey of residents for their perceptions of Old North problems. This file is a copy of that survey.
0.3.5. Results of the Survey of Problems
Foreshadowing a pattern of Old North resident response, from some 300 Old North residents, there were 25 responses. The results are shown in his file.

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