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You are here: Home 1.6a. ONDNA Formation Year-- '01-02: Founding Events 0.4. The June 23 Organizing Meeting
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0.4. The June 23 Organizing Meeting

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About 25 people gathered at the Hattie Weber on June 23 and adopted bylaws and elected officers. The ONDNA now existed. This folder contains a reproduction of the flyer annoucing the meeting, three photographs of the founding group, minutes of the meeting, and the Davis Enterprise story announcing ONDNA formation.

0.4.1. Flyer distributed to encourage attending the forming meeting
Tor Cross, member of the Organzing Commitee, designed this flyer, had it reproduced, and organized distribution.
0.4.2. First of Three photographs of people at the Organizing Meeting
0.4.3. Second of Three Photographs of People at the Organizing Meeting
0.4.4. Third of Three Photographs, Outside and Posed as the ONDNA Founders
0.4.5. The first set of minutes of the ONDNA
0.4.6. Davis Enterprise Report of the ONDNA Founding
Slightly revised, the Davis Enterprise printed the press release I, John Lofland, sent them.

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