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Formation Year-- '01-02: Founding Events

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Events leading up ONDNA formation include: l. setting the stage for a neighborhood organization, mid-2000 and earlier (files 1.a. and 1.b.) ; 2. calling an organizing meeting for May 5, 2002; 3. a successful May 5th meeting that resulted in an organizing committee; and, 4. the June 23rd formation meeting that established the ONDNA. The files in the folders contain reproductions of flyers, agendas, and, three photographs take at the June 23rd, 2002 founding meeting.

0.1.a. Infill Conflicts: Enterprise Report, March 23, 2000
Sharp conflicts on infill start in the Old North. This Enterprise story reports some of them.
0.1.b. Setting the Stage for a Neighborhood Organization, Mid-2000
In 2000 & 2001, the City conducted a series of workshops in the original four areas of Davis that led up to establishing a historic "convservation district" operating with "guidelines" stated in a book titled "Davis Downtown and Traditional Residential Neighborhoods Design Guidelines." It was not obvious that the Council would adopt the Guidelines and citizen pressure to do so was organized. This file is a copy of a flyer I drew up and, with others, distributed to Old North doors to encourage people to turn out to the meeting in which the Council voted. Several dozen actually did.
0.2. Calling an Organizing Meeting for May 5, 2002
In Davis in 2001, neighborhood associations were "sponsored" by an official program run by City staff person Anne Brunette. I, John Lofland, met with her in early April and we agreed on a schedule of a May 5 initial, organizing meeting at which she would preside and out of which would come an Organizing Committee that would prepare for the formation of a neighborhood association at a meeting on June 23rd. Items in this folder report the organizing effort to get Old North people to come to the May 5 meeting.
0.3. Successful May 5 Meeting Results in an Organizing Commitee
About 40 peope turned out for the May 5th, Sunday afternoon meeting at the Hattie Weber Museum. The room was almost full. About a dozen people volunteered to serve on an Organizing Commitee to draft bylaws and organize the forming meeting already scheduled for June 23. This folder contains reproductions of five documents involving the Organizing Committe, including a meeting agenda and a survey of perceptions of Old North problems.
0.4. The June 23 Organizing Meeting
About 25 people gathered at the Hattie Weber on June 23 and adopted bylaws and elected officers. The ONDNA now existed. This folder contains a reproduction of the flyer annoucing the meeting, three photographs of the founding group, minutes of the meeting, and the Davis Enterprise story announcing ONDNA formation.

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