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622 E Street

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This folder contains four documents. The first is a copy of the owners' June 11, 2015 memo to the Davis Historical Resources Management Commission requesting that 622 E be changed from classification as a "contributor" to a "non-contributor" in the City's historical preservation survey. It is four pages in PDF. The second document is the 22 pages of reproductions of historical materials supporting this request. The third is a copy of the HRMC minutes of July 20, 2015 in which the owners presented their request to the Commission. The fourth is a copy of the 2003 form "DPR 523" and the 2015 form " DPR 523."

Request to Revise the 2003 Historical Resources Description for 622 E Street, Davis, California
Four pages request, in pdf.
List of Figures for 622 E Street Description Revision Request
22 pages of historical data, primarily maps and photographs, relating to the history of 622 E Street.
Minutes of the July 20, 2015 Davis Historical Resources Management Commission meeting.
2003 and 2015 "Primary Record" Sheets of Historical Resources Preservation Surveys

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