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Eventually, this will be an overall account of sources for the E-500s book. For the moment, it is a page providing a list of sources of information given in "Introduction, Part I," above

List of Sources of Information in the Lofland E Street 500s Picture Map

Sources are listed from left to right starting from the top of the map.

• Photo of 539 in 1939 reproduced from a photo left at the Hattie Weber Museum of Davis by a person who did not identify him/her self.

• Some years of construction are surprisingly contentious. Where credible sources differ, I give the range in contention. Major sources are: Yolo County Assessor Office; 1933 City of Davis Tax Survey; Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for 1921, 1933, 1944, 1955. Other sources include photographs that can be dated.

• All quoted architectural descriptions of homes within quotes (the first of which is labled "R-N A) are from xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

• Owners indicated are those of record on April 9, 2009, the day I visited the Assessor's office.

• The color photos of the 16 main properties next to E Street were taken by Roland-Nari Associates and used in its report referenced above. Along with its printed report, this firm provided a DVD of the report and its photos, which the City of Davis sells. 

• Smalley-xxxxx photo reproduced from page xx of the Davis Enterprise's Those Who Make Memories.

• Hubert Arnold portrait by xxxxxxx, reproduced from p xxx in xxxxxx.

• Susie Boyd photo is a screenshot from her 2xxxx City Council campaign website.

• Photo of the landmark redwood behind xxxx taken by John Lofland.

• Photo of the second unit behind xxxx by John Lofland.

• Galvina Pena vote reproduced from page xx of Davis Enterprise, Those Who Make Memories.

Danniee Miller party photo by . . . .

Photograph of 522 in 1938 taken by an unknown photographer and found among photographs I bought at the Mrs. Leo Cronin estate sale.

• Photo of snow at 508 and 502 was also among the photos in the "Cronin Collection, just mentioned.

• Asmundson photo reproduced from the Davis Enterprise of xxxxxxx, 1999.

• Front cover of xxxxxxxxxxx.

• Web site logos are computer screenshots.




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