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by John Lofland

This is a compilation of various kind of remarks one might make on the E-500s faceblock. They are, at this time, in so special order.

•  There has been a long-term change on the block from traditional, intact families with children to single individuals and couples without children. In an interview in her living room at 512 E, I recall Kay Wooden enumerating with glee while pointing toward the various homes on the block the number of children and their names in each of them in the 1940s and '50s. The total was in the range of two dozen, three of which were Wooden children. By the early 200ss, there were no young children on the block. In the late 2000s, there was still only one, although the number of them on some other Old North blocks was somewhat larger.

•  In the 2000s, Mr. Granucci and Mrs. Tingus moved to senior care homes, as did Dannee Miller. The Woodens soon followed. All had died by the mid-2000s and this led to shifts in ownership. The Tingus, Wooden, and Miller house all became student group rentals. Only the Granucci house was acquired by a family for family habitation.

•  From the early '70s to the late '90s, a prominent "social form" on the block was the "long term resident," either as a single individual or a surviving member of a family. So, I can personally recall

Carolyn Hammel at 539               Mrs Williams at 600 6th

Professsor Arnold at 533

                                                 Mrs. and Mrs. Wright at 522

Mrs. & Mrs. Miller at 513             Kay and Wes Wooden at 512

                                                 Mrs. Granucci at 508

                                                 Mrs. Tingus at 502

I suppose one might also count Mrs.& Mrs. Bagley. They lived in 523 from 1939 to he died in 1970 and she sold the house to Lyn Lofland and I in 1974.

Either way, at least half of the 16 properties were resided in by long-term residents. My impression today is that a rather smaller percent of residents could be called "long-tem" residents.

Indeed, the residents of several properties almost completely turn over every year or every few years by design (502, 503, 513, 512?).








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